Jaffa Orri campaign to focus on consumers this year


Fresh Orri one cannot ressist

The Jaffa Orri mandarin campaign has begun. “This year the campaign will be more targeted in three big markets, China, France, and Japan”, says Tal Amit, head of the citrus sector at Israel’s Plant Production and Marketing Board. “We have doubled the budget, most of which is going to the Chinese market.”

“The growth potential in China is huge”, says Tal. “Although China is the largest citrus producer in the world and have local production, they don’t have this product. People are also prepared to pay good money for this product. Orri is a premium product with a premium price. Local mandarins sell for 5 Yuan per 500g, we sell Orri for 35 Yuan per 500g.”

Tal says the Japanese market is reasonably steady. He does not expect this market to grow like the French market. He says, “French people like to buy premium products. The other European markets aren’t as good as the French market.”

This year’s campaign is more focused on the end-consumers. “Last year it was targeted at B2B, this year we will use mainly the social media and e-market, to focus in the B2C sector. We have to expose end-consumers to the product.  We might also have a limited number of in-store promotions.”

Tal says local consumers in Israel have not been exposed to this variety of mandarin. “Last year, 95% of the volume was exported. This year we started marketing them in the local market too”, he says. “The slogan is ‘Be Happy. Take Orri”.’

Tal Amit, Head of Citrus dept PPMB with Sander Bruins Slot of Fresh Plaza